Gifts by Will or Trust

A charitable gift from your estate is a favored method of giving that enables you to achieve your financial goals, maintain control of your assets, and benefit Middlebury.

Naming Middlebury in Your Assets

While you may transfer many of your assets through your will or living trust, a document called a beneficiary designation controls distribution of your retirement plans, life insurance policies, commercial annuities and a variety of financial accounts.

The IRA Gift (QCD)

The IRA charitable rollover (also called the Qualified Charitable Distribution, or QCD) is a great way to make a tax-free gift to Middlebury.

Life Income Gifts

Support Middlebury while generating income for yourself and your family. Learn how these gifts allow you to achieve both of these goals.

Charitable Lead Unitrust

Make a substantial gift to Middlebury in the form of annual payments and pass assets to your family or other heirs at reduced tax cost. The payment to Middlebury is a percentage of the value of the trust each year.